Scrambled OpenVPN Auto Installer Script


This script is used to setup a scrambled(OpenVPN+Xor patch) VPN on any centos box with user interaction.Standard OpenVPN setup won't work in countries like China and Pakistan due to intensive censorship.

Source :

I wish to thank @halczy for posting the tutorial to setup the vpn and i used his tutorial as a source to create the bash script that i am going to share with you today.

Download link

Run the script on a fresh Centos 6 minimal Install

Requires root access

Setup Time : 2-5 mins

Tested with : Centos 6.x (Both 32 bit and 64 bit)

Script is fully opensource

How to install

Upload to root directory.

Login to your server via ssh as root and type the following command


Wait for setup to complete

Once setup has completed login to SFTP via FileZilla to /root/client-files/

Download scrambled-client.ovpn on your computer and place the scrambled-client.ovpn in the config folder of your OpenVPN installation

Do NOT forget to patch the OpenVPN installation on your computer to be able to connect to your VPN. See the following post for more details:

After you patch your openvpn installation you should be able to connect

Njoy your VPN

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